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How does it work? – All Pre-K classes in Oconee County are private.  Therefore you do not have to live in the county to attend Pre-K in Oconee.  There are currently 16 classes in the county with 7 classes here at Downs Preschool.  We are the largest and longest running Pre-K program in the county and the only total Pre-K program meaning the youngest children in our school are our four year olds.  Each class has 22 children with a Georgia PSC certified teacher and certified para-professional.

What happens next? – Once your child is registered stop worrying and relax!  You will receive a letter in the mail over the summer with Open House details.  This date will be set as soon as Oconee County completes the school calendar so it may be July before you hear anything.  Open House is a time for you and your child to come in and see their new classroom, find their cubbie, and meet the teachers.  Plan on spending about 30 minutes at each school you have to attend.  We try to stagger our times so you and our teachers can attend Open House at other schools as needed so plan on dropping in anytime between 10am and 12pm here at Downs on the day of Open House.  Please look only as the classrooms have been set up for the first day of school.  The children will have plenty of time to play on the first day of school.

The first day of school – This typically goes down in history as the craziest day for traffic all over the county!  If possible, please try to use the car rider express lane to drop off your child.  If you need to park please do so in the back gravel parking lot as we need the front lot for car riders.  BE PATIENT!! Leave early!  If you are running late the car rider lines will not help this situation.  Afternoon car riders will be the worst for a couple of days.  Please help us by turning RIGHT out of the parking lot as people trying to turn left will shut the road and the line down completely.

For the first day of school, your child will need a standard sized back pack(no wheels), a standard size crib sheet, and a change of clothes.  Other “wish list” items that are voluntary only will be listed on the Open House letter that you receive over the summer.

What if I am on the waiting list?  - Don’t panic! People tend to register at multiple sites and move around a lot over the summer.  We generally have room for everyone who wants to attend our program.  It may take a little time but we will call you as soon as we have an opening.